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Business Storage

Do you need a lot of supplies for your business? Photographers - are props taking over your life? Businesses - do you need a place to keep those Christmas decorations the rest of the year? Caterers - do you need a place for equipment?

Storage lockers are a great solution for business storage needs. We have safe and secure access to your items when you need them. Well lit and newly remodeled.

Don't let your business take over your home, store it with us!

Holiday Storage Ideas

Are holiday decorations taking over your house?
One way to keep the home festive and not cluttered is to move some items to storage during the holiday season!
Make space for gatherings, the tree, the Christmas Village and more by moving extra furniture and everyday decor to a safe space!
Then at the end of the season you can swap out your items and keep all the beautiful holiday items in storage instead!

Storage Tips and Tricks

Label Everything!
Pack Fragile Items very Carefully
User smaller boxes for heavier items.
Clean everything before storing it.
Leave a walkway to get to things as needed
Stack heavier items on bottom
Don't store prohibited items
Keep your items at Thomas Ave Self Storage!

Halloween Storage Tips

Storing Costumes

Start off by washing the costume according to the care instructions on the tag. Then, seal the costume in an airtight plastic bag to keep out any moisture or dust. After everything is sealed, stack them in a plastic tote and as always, label the outside of the tote with what is inside!

Storing Decorations

The first rule - only store what you really want to keep! Toss the broken or outdated pieces first. Then sort everything into groups - lights, outdoor decorations, table decorations, hanging decor for inside, and what ever other categories you have. Then neatly put into plastic totes and as always label the outside!

Once you have everything neatly and safely in plastic totes, bring it over to your storage unit at Thomas Ave Self Storage!

How to Store Things in a Storage Unit

Clean Things Before Storing

The best way to keep your items preservered while in storage is to make sure they go in already clean. Dirty items can mold and attract bugs so kitchen items, furniture, clothing and anything that might not be used often, make sure to give it a quick clean before storing it.

Use Proper Packing Materials

Packing materials matter! Gather your supplies such as bubble wrap, newspapers, old towels/t-shirts, boxes, tape, totes and any other materials you have. Wrapping things properly will ensure items stay safe when you are loading and unloading your storage unit. Always wrap your fragile items!

Take an Inventory of Your Items

Make a list of items that you are storing in the storage unit. Use a file on your computer, a note app in your phone good old-fashioned pen and paper. Make a thorough list of everything you packed into the storage unit. Even better if you can number your boxes to your list. This will help you remember what items are in there, what items are where and can save you a lot of time in the future!

Load Your Items in a Way That Makes Sense

Once you have everything packed, load it in a way that makes sense! Put fragile items on top of heavy items, put furniture on the bottom, keep items you may need to access at the front. Leave paths if you need to get to items in the back. But most importantly, don't put fragile items under heavy items!